Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Nottingham Castle...

A mosaic at Nottingham Castle

Shopping is an essential part of a field trip for many Spanish students and, when asked about new places to go, I suggested Nottingham. In addition, although I studied geology there, I had never visited the caves before and I thought that everyone would enjoy going to see them. 

The Usual Suspects

Having seen countless castles in the British Islands, I know that most people who see Nottingham Castle will be disappointed in very many ways because, except for its position as a viewing point across the River Trent – with quite spectacular cliffs – there is not much evidence of its antiquity to see. Except for Robin Hood, not too many people have heard about Nottingham and it’s really not well known for its art and culture, outside of the region, but it is a city that is well worth seeing...

A Cave in Nottingham

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