Saturday, 15 August 2015

Field Trips

Lincoln Castle

As an English language teacher, I know that my practical experience makes me much better suited to teaching professionals than teenaged students; however, I like the field trips that the Heart of England summer school arrange – for both an afternoon and the whole day. This year, although Alton Towers, Cambridge, York and many other very familiar places were on the agenda, there was also a trip along the Sheffield and Tinsley Canal and an opportunity to learn some circus skills – an activity that I particularly appreciated.

The Sedgwick Museum

With a more liberal attitude adopted this year by the new Head Teacher, and with the option to either go shopping or wandering around a fantastic historic monument – such as Lincoln Castle – I was often the only one who put my hand up for the latter!

One of the views of York Minster from the city walls

Nonetheless, also given the choice to opt in or out of activities such as punting, I made the most of my free time to explore some new places that I think that older students would like to see.

A detail of Triassic sandstone at Alton Towers

The Triassic pebble beds at Alton Towers are spectacular, the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge is unique and a walk along the York city walls reveals details of Permian rocks and views of the city from high ground.

The Dino Trail at Drayton Manor Park

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